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Ordinance #35 - Water Meters and Metering


Ordinance #35


Whenever a multiple unit residential, commercial or industrial building is to be constructed and
served by the City water system, the owner shall submit to CITY OF BELLECHESTER for
approval a set of drawings showing the proposed water service(s) and a plumbing schematic
for the building and a tabulation of the plumbing fixture units to be installed.

All water meters and metering-related equipment used for water and sewer billing will be
furnished, owned and maintained by CITY OF BELLECHESTER. Meters used only for water
billing will be furnished and maintained by CITY OF BELLECHESTER.

CITY OF BELLECHESTER shall have the right to access the served premises at all reasonable
times to install, read, inspect, maintain or remove any water meter or metering-related
equipment. If a customer denies CITY OF BELLECHESTER reasonable access to a water
meter or metering- related equipment, water service may be terminated until access is gained.
If a customer does not furnish a protected, suitable location for a meter, CITY OF
BELLECHESTER may refuse connection of the premises to the City water system.

Location and Number
(1) In a single-family residence and residential multiple-unit buildings where the individual
units and underlying property are to be under individual ownership, the meter shall be
installed in the residence/unit being served.
(2) Water meters installed to serve manufactured homes with an unheated crawlspace, or
structures of a temporary nature shall be installed as shown in Exhibit B.
(3) In all other buildings not listed in (1) and (2) above, water meter(s) shall be located in a
single common area readily accessible to CITY OF BELLECHESTER without entering
an individual unit.
(4) Water meters installed in a commercial/industrial building must be readily accessible.
Installation Requirements
(1) Only the following may be connected to a water service ahead of the:
a) An approved separately metered water service to an additional building under the
same ownership;
b) A private fire protection system
c) A metered irrigation service.
(2) Water meter(s) shall be installed at the point of entry of the water service into the
building. All water meter installations shall have a full flow stop valve on each side
of, and adjacent to, the water meter.
(3) For 1” and smaller meter installations, the water service line shall be brought vertically
through the floor of the premises and shall have a readily accessible meter stop valve
installed immediately before, and on the street side of, the meter between 12” and 48”
above the finished floor. (See Exhibit A.) The pipe and meter shall be rigidly supported
in order to prevent vibration when the meter operates.
(4) A bypass (the same size as the meter) shall be installed for all meters 1-1/2" in size or
(5) The water meter shall be readily accessible. An unobstructed area extending not less
than 12" above the meter, and on all sides and the front of the meter shall be provided
to permit CITY OF BELLECHESTER to easily read and maintain the meter and operate
the meter stop valves. Meter stop valves shall be maintained in operable condition.
(6) In newly constructed buildings, the water meter(s) shall be installed immediately after the
water service is flushed and in a heated location.
(7) Any existing homes that cannot meet this criteria, will remain unmetered until home is
relaced. If existing mobile homes are replaced, all water meters shall be installed inside
the new home in a heated location.

CITY OF BELLECHESTER maintains all water meters used to determine City water and sewer
billings. Any repair expense caused by actions, neglect, tampering or carelessness of the owner
or occupant of a premises will be charged to either the customer or the owner of the premises.

CITY OF BELLECHESTER will test a meter at the request of a customer. If the meter is
determined to accurately measure or under-register, CITY OF BELLECHESTER may charge
the customer for the meter test.
Customers who request additional testing of a water meter within a twelve month period will be
charged for the meter test in accordance with the CITY OF BELLECHESTER Miscellaneous
Fee in effect at the time of the test.

Customers shall be responsible for protecting water meters from freezing. If a meter freezes,
the customer may be required to relocate the meter to a location approved by CITY OF
BELLECHESTER. For manufactured homes, the meter shall be relocated to the interior of the
home. If a meter is damaged by freezing and is replaced, the Frozen Meter Replacement Fee
will be charged. Frozen Meter Replacement fee shall be the current meter replacement cost.