Council Agendas

Bellechester City Council Meeting Agenda

March 15, 2023 @ 6:00PM


Call the meeting to order. Meeting is recorded, and the recordings belong to the City of Bellechester.


Pledge to the flag


Roll call

Approval of the February, 2023 Regular Minutes


Review the Bills & Approve



Old Business:


  • Sewer Grant – update progress
  • Water Meter Ordinance Discussion
  • Final Decision on population sign layout


New business:


  • Summer Mowing
  • Building Permit – Brian Ringeisen
  • Clearing snow out of water way behind 2nd Street
  • Approval of Bellechester MICRO Loan
  • Resolution 2023.03 – Reimbursement Bond Resolution



Engineer Report –


Clerk Report –


Treasurer Report -


Water/Wastewater/Facility Report


Mayor Concerns


Council Concerns