Council Agendas

Bellechester City Council Meeting Agenda

July 21 @ 6:00PM


Call the meeting to order. Meeting is recorded, and the recordings belong to the City of Bellechester.


Pledge to the flag


Oath of Office


Roll call

Approval of the July, 2021 Regular Minutes


Review the Bills & Approve


Old Business:


  • Sewer Grant – update progress.
  • ADA bathroom for Community Center – update progress.
  • Park Upgrades


New business:


  • Dance Permit – SE Choppers for August Event
  • Goodhue County Sheriff Police Contract Review Discussion
  • Review Preliminary Budget
  • Building Permit – Dan Poncelet
  • Dance Permit – AIR
  • Generator Maintenance Contract
  • Funding – Small Cities Development Program (SCDP) Motion was made by with a 2nd by to approve the pursuit of a SCDP grant application for a cost Not-to-Exceed $3,700 without Council approval.


Engineer Report -


Clerk Report –


Treasurer Report -


Water/Wastewater/Facility Report


Mayor Concerns


Council Concerns