Ordinance No. 31 – Non Domestic Animals

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Non-domestic animal regulations ordinance.


As used in this Ordinance, the following words shall have the following meaning(s):

  1. Animals-non-domestic
    1. Livestock and poultry commonly kept for productive purposes on a farm, such as cattle, swine (pigs), horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, chickens and other similar animals.


  1. Non-domestic animals are not permitted within the City limits; with the exception of previsions for Ordinance number 32, which limits the number of chicken to 6 per household and the regulations listed below.
  2. On those lands that have non-domestic animals at the adoption of this Ordinance that are within the City limits can continue to be kept at the current intensity and type of animal, unless said property is sold, rented to another or the animals being kept expires, or for any reason, are no longer on the property. In such case(s) non-domestic animals shall no longer be allowed.


  1. First-time violators of this Ordinance shall receive a letter from the City Clerk along with a copy of the Ordinance.
  2. Second-time violators of this Ordinance will be issued a citation and a $50.00 fine from the City Clerks office to be sent by certified mail. The owner can request a hearing on the matter before the City Council if the owner contacts the Clerk’s office within ten (10) days after receiving the citation. If so requested, the hearing will be held on the date of the next council meeting. If a hearing is not requested by the owner, the fine must be paid within ten (10) days. Subsequent violations maybe charge up to a $300 per violation, per discretion of the City Council.

Section 4 Regulations

  1. 6 Chickens per household
  2. Hens only
  3. Cooped at night
  4. Fenced in area
  5. 80% of neighbors within 150 feet must agree to this
  6. Permit must be approved yearly and pay a fee of $1 per chicken to the city of Bellechester
  7. No person shall permit feces, urine, or food to remain on their property for a period that is no longer than reasonable and consistent with health and sanitation and the prevention of odors.

Passed and adopted by the City council of the City of Bellechester.

The effective date of this Ordinance is September 14, 2011

ATTEST: Keegan Quinn, Mayor Jill Buxengard, City Clerk