Ordinance No. 30 – Nuisance Noise Containing Hours

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Adopting ordinance, No 30 Noise ordinance

WHEREAS, a public meeting held on April 8, 2009, in the City of Bellechester, to determine that the city is adopting a noise ordinance.

WHEREAS, after much discussion and input by the citizens of Bellechester, the City Council felt it in the best interest of the City of Bellechester to adopt this ordinance to in force no nuisance noises after 9 pm until 6 am., Monday thru Friday. No nuisance noises after 4 pm on Saturday and no nuisance noises on Sundays.

NOW, THEREFORE, the City Council adopts the following ordinance this 8th day of April 2009

ATTEST: Jill Buxengard, Clerk Richard Hepplemann, Mayor