Ordinance No. 22 – Amendment Water Ordinance

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An ordinance relating to water service prescribing rules, regulations, connection fee and procedures and rates for the city of Bellechester, Minnesota.

SECTION 1. Water Department

There is hereby established a water department, which shall exist under the supervision of the City Council. The department shall be responsible for the management, maintenance, care and operation of the City Water System.

SECTION 2. Restricted Uses

No person shall make use of any water service connected to the City water system except pursuant to regulatory provisions of this Ordinance and as permitted by this Ordinance.

SECTION 3. Application for Service

Subdivision 1. Application for water service installation and water service shall be made to the City Clerk on the form prescribed by the City Council. By his/her signature, the applicant agrees to conform to the rules and regulations established by the City as a condition for use of the water.

Subdivision 2. The applicant shall at the time of making application deposit funds with the City Clerk in the amount equal to fees for permit and assessment required for installation of main and service connection.

SECTION 4. Charges for Service Connection

Subdivision 1. No connection shall be made to the city water system without a permit secured from the City Clerk. The fee for the permit shall be determined by the City Council.

Subdivision 2. The city water system includes a service line from the main water line to applicants property line. For this construction and extension, the applicant shall pay an assessment to the City hereinafter set forth which includes trenching, connection, taps, piping and appurtenances to provide the service and make necessary street repairs.

Subdivision 3. No permit shall be issued to connect with the City water system unless the applicant agrees to the following:

  1. That he/she shall pay to the City the sum of a $900.00 assessment (or such sum as the City Council may set) per lot prior to connection with the water system.
  2. That is an extension of the water main is required, all owners of lots between the applicant and the present water main will assume and agree to pay their individual assessments prior to construction of the water main extension. In the alternative, the citizen may petition the City Council for the improvement and the City Council shall, pursuant to state statutes, act on the petition.

SECTION 5. Account and Collection

Subdivision 1. All accounts shall be carried in the owner and he/she shall be liable for water supplied to the property, whether he/she is occupying the property or not, and any unpaid charges shall be a lien on the property.

Subdivision 2. Water bills shall be computed and billed at least Monthly by the City Clerk in accordance with rates established by the City Council.

Subdivision 3. All charges for water must be paid for thirty (30 ) days after the billing date. Thereafter, where satisfactory has not been made, the City Clerk shall give the customer thirty (30) days to make a payment and if payment is not received within thirty (30) days the City may discontinue water service. When service has been discontinued, service shall not be restored except upon payment of all delinquent bills and a fee of $40.00. Delinquent accounts shall be certified by the City Clerk who shall prepare an assessment roll each year providing for the assessment of delinquent amounts against the respective properties served. The assessment roll shall be delivered to the City Council for adoption on or before November 15 of each year for certification to the County Auditor for collection along with the taxes. Such action is optional and may be subsequent to taking legal action to collect delinquent accounts. Page 70

Subdivision 4. Water shall not be shut off under Subdivision 3 or for violation of rules and regulations affecting water service until notice and an opportunity for a hearing have first been given to the liable person(s) of the premises involved. The notice shall be served by registered mail and shall state that if payment is not made before a day stated in the notice but not less than 10 days after the date on which the notice was given, the water supply to the premises will be shut off. The notice shall also state that liable person(s) may, before such date, demand a hearing on the matter, in which case the supply will not be cut off until after the hearing. If the customer requests a hearing before the date specified, a hearing shall be held on the matter by the City Council at least one week after the date of the request. If as a result of the hearing, the City Council finds the amount claimed to be owing is actually due and unpaid and that there is no legal reason why the water supply of the delinquent customer may not be shut off in accordance with this Ordinance, the City may shut off the water supply.

SECTION 6. Water System

Subdivision 1. The City may discontinue service to any water customer without notice for necessary repairs and with notice for violation of rules and regulation affecting the water system.

Subdivision 2. No person except an authorized City employee shall turn on any water supply fixture or appurtenance without City permission.

Subdivision 3. No more than one family in one house or one building shall be supplied from one water service connection.

Subdivision 4. The customer or owner shall be responsible for maintaining the service pipe from the lot line to the building served. If he/she fails to repair any leak in such service pipe within 24 hours after notice, the City may turn the water off. When a waste of water is great, the City may turn off the water immediately.

Subdivision 5. Where a parcel of property in the City of Bellechester has connected to the City water system, or where the city water system is available to a parcel of property, no owner or occupant shall construct or make use of a private water supply or well on said property, except for such purposes as may be allowed by the City Council.

SECTION 7. Hydrants

No person other than authorized City employees or fire protection personnel shall operate a hydrant or interfere in any way with the City water system without first obtaining authority to do so from the City Council. Anyone found in violation of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to the applicable state fine for a misdemeanor offense.

SECTION 8. Water Rates.

Each water user shall pay a service charge each month during the year. Water rates will be established by the City Council.

Adopted this 12th Day of December 1996 by the City Council of Bellechester, Minnesota.

ATTEST: Barbara Heppelmann, Clerk Quentin J. Majerus, Mayor

Printed in the News-Record Wednesday, December 25, 1996