Ordinance No. 22 – Amendment Water Ordinance (Section, Subdivisions 3 & 4)

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Are hereby amended to read as follows:

Subdivision 3. All charges for water must be paid within 30 days after the billing date. Water shall not be shut off until notice and an opportunity for a hearing have first been given to the liable person(s). The notice shall be served by mail and shall state that if payment is not made before a day stated in the notice, but not less than 10 days after the date on which notice was given, the water supply to the premises will be shut off. The notice shall also state that the person(s) may, before such date, demand a hearing on the matter in which case the supply will not be cut off until after the next regularly scheduled council meeting. If as a result of the hearing, the City Council finds that the amount claimed to be owing is actually due and unpaid and that there is no reason why the water supply of the delinquent customer may not be shut off, the City may shut off the water supply. When service has been discontinued, service shall not be restored except upon payment of all delinquent bills and a fee of $40.00.

Subdivision 4. Delinquent accounts shall be certified by the City Clerk, who shall prepare an assessment roll each year providing for assessments of delinquent amounts against the respective properties served. The assessment roll shall be delivered to the City Council for adoption on or before November 15 of each year for certification to the County Auditor for collection along with taxes. Such action is optional and may be subsequent to taking legal action to collect delinquent accounts.

ATTEST: Barbara Heppelmann, City Clerk Edward T. Heppelmann, Mayor

Published in the News-Record Wednesday, November 18, 1998.