Ordinance No. 20 – Amendment Ord 7 Residential Requirements

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An Ordinance amending and adding to Ordinance No. 7 adopted June 14, 1973, entitled “Zoning Ordinance, Bellechester, MN.”

The City Council of the City of Bellechester do ordain as follows:

Ordinance no. 7, section 4, subdivision 2, residential, adopted June 14, 1973, entitled zoning ordinance no. 7, Bellechester, MN is amended to include the following requirements for residential dwellings.

  1. The Dwelling must have a permanent footing 48” deep of which a minimum of 44” is below grade and 4” above grade as provided by the Minnesota State Building Code.
  2. No house may be placed in a residential area unless it conforms in architectural design, construction, and materials to existing homes so as not to devalue property or constitute blight.
  3. No house shall be less than 24 feet wide when measured at its narrowest point and no less than 850 square feet on the main floor or split level excluding the basement.
  4. A house shall have no less than a 3 ½ pitch roof and eaves that extend 6 inches or more beyond main outside walls.
  5. All structures shall be permanent-type structures and no non-conforming house may be continued to a new owner. The present owner of a non-conforming house may maintain his non-conforming house on his property as long as the house is livable and maintained in a state of reasonable repair. This shall be determined by the City Council.
  6. This amendment shall be in full force and effect upon due passage and publication in the manner provided by law.

Passed August 2, 1994

Attest: Barbara Heppelmann, Clerk Quentin J. Majerus, Mayor

Published in the “News-Record” the 10th day of August 1994.

Rescinded November 9, 1995.