Ordinance No. 18 – Dance Ordinance

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Dance ordinance

An ordinance to regulate public dances

The City Council of the City of Bellechester ordains:

SECTION 1. Anyone desiring to hold a public dance within the city limits of the City of Bellechester must apply in person to the City Council for a dance permit.

SECTION 2. Anyone receiving a dance permit for a public dance must have a bouncer acceptable to the City Council present at the dance.

SECTION 3. Any person not complying with the said ordinance will be subject to a maximum fine of $700.00 or 90 days in jail or both.

This Ordinance shall, therefore, take effect and be in full force upon its passage and publication.

Enacted by the City of Bellechester on the 11th day of January 1990.

Printed in the Goodhue County Tribune on Wednesday, January 31, 1990.

Attest: Barbara Heppelmann, Clerk Quentin J. Majerus, Mayor