Ordinance No. 11 – Combine Offices Of Clerk And Treasurer

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An ordinance providing for the combination of the offices of city clerk and city treasurer and providing for annual city audits.

The City Council of Bellechester ordains:

SECTION 1. Pursuant to the authority granted by Laws 1961, Chapter 230, the offices of clerk and treasurer in the City of Bellechester, Goodhue and Wabasha County, Minnesota, are hereby combined in the office of clerk-treasurer.

SECTION 2. Beginning with the year in which this ordinance becomes effective and each year thereafter, there shall be an audit of the city’s financial affairs in accordance with minimum auditing procedures prescribed by the State Auditor.

SECTION 3. This ordinance is effective Jan. 1, 1979

Adopted by the council this 14th day of November 1978.

Attest: Barbara Heppelmann, Clerk Quentin J. Majerus, Mayor