May 2016, City Council Minutes

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Bellechester City Council

May 11, 2016

Meeting was called to order by Mayor Keegan Quinn at 6:30 p.m.

Pledge to the flag.

Roll call was taken: The council in attendance: Mayor Keegan Quinn, Council people Kim Gilsdorf, Rich Majerus, Jason Nurnberg and Paul Reding as well as, Kyle McKeown and Dan Howard. Also present was Kevin Majerus and Matt from WSP (Rochester).

Minutes of April, 2016 meeting were approved as written and a motion was made by Rich Majerus with a second by Kim Gilsdorf to approve the minutes. Motion carried.

Bills were reviewed and a motion by Rich Majerus with a second by Jason Nurnberg to approve and pay the bills as presented. Motion carried.

Public Forum – Kevin Majerus – Bellechester Legion Liquor License Motion was made by Kim Gilsdorf to approve Legion Liquor License with a second by Jason Nurnberg. Motion carried.

New business:

MicroLoan For Street Reconstruction – Kim Gilsdorf makes a motion with a second from Paul Reding, to start Street Reconstruct Plan and Bonding process by posting a notice of public hearing. Motion carried.

Bellechester Tavern Liquor License – Have owners of Bellechester Tavern come to next meeting (June 8th, 2016) to discuss renewal of Liquor License

Interviews for Clerk Position – Conducted interviews for open Clerk position

Old Business:

Dog Bite Ordinance – discuss – Tabled until June.

Repair of Streets – review & discuss- Core samples were complete, results were handed out. More information will be collected and presented in the future. Rich Majerus makes a motion with a second by Paul Reding, to approve WSP to provide the City with an Estimate Cost for Feasibility Report. Motion carried.

Clerk Report – No Clerk Report

Treasurer Report – Bills and payroll were done and incoming ACH customer payments were scheduled with the bank. Warning letters will be sent this week.

Water/Wastewater/Facility Report – The Well, is in working order, will be online shortly. Siren is scheduled and will be repaired in the near future. Will be continuing Discharging until middle of June. Want to continue preventative sewer maintenance. City will need to raise the manholes located in the field. May 28th, will be flushing hydrants.

Council Concerns: None

Mayor Concerns: Discuss Bellechester Tavern and liquor license.

Entered into Closed Meeting

Jason makes a motion to offer Greg Ruehl the City Clerk position, with a second by Paul Reding. Motion Carries.

Motion was made by Kim Gilsdorf with a second by Jason Nurnberg to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. Meeting was adjourned at 8:52 pm.

Submitted by Kyle McKeown


Recycling – Please recycle whenever you can. There is a recycling bin located on the north end of town by GB Feed and Supply. By recycling, this will keep our garbage rates from rising.