February 2014, City Council Minutes

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Bellechester City Council

February 12, 2014

Meeting was called to order by Mayor Keegan Quinn at 6:31 p.m.

Pledge to the flag:

Roll call was taken: The council in attendance: Mayor Keegan Quinn, Council people, Kim Gilsdorf , Paul Reding, Jason Nurnberg, Richard Majerus also Clerk Lisa Redepenning, Treasurer Kyle McKeown & Dan Howard. Also present was Mark Gerkin.

Minutes of January, 2014 meeting were approved as written – a motion by Kim Gilsdorf and 2nd by Rich Majerus to approve the minutes. Motion carried.

Bills were reviewed and a motion by Jason Nurnberg and 2nd by Kim Gilsdorf to approve and pay the bills. Motion carried.

Public Forum – Mark Gerkin – Building Project – Mark presented drawings of lot and house to be moved in. A building permit application was given to him to move forward. Motion was made by Jason Nurnberg to approve the plans as presented. Second by Kim Gilsdorf. Motion carried.

Old Business:

Review of utility charges and past due accounts. Rich inquired about visually verify accounts if that had been done. How can we better verify? Motion was made to have staff and council review list to verify prior to next billing. Property owners are responsible for the utilities for rented property they own. Kyle McKeown will come up with draft for March meeting to be approved.

ACH setup letter with bank for utility bills for automatic payment was presented. This letter will be included in 2nd quarter water bills with a date change to the 20th of each month that the funds will be transferred out of accounts and applied.

Water/wastewater equipment replacement. Dan researched the 15 minute breathing packs. He feels confident with that equipment is OK. It is $645 for replacement a pack. Gas detector is not made or supported any longer. It is $500 to repair. The calibration equipment is no longer supported either. $595 for meter, tanks and covers is roughly $1100 to replace entire. Motion was made by Kim Gilsdorf to purchase a gas meter, 2nd by Jason Nurnberg. It also was suggested to get a rescue mask when money becomes available, as soon as possible. All approved. Motion carried.

New business:

Bond, cd & savings account balances and rates were discussed to see if we can pay down bonds.

Application and detailed savings quote was presented for a micro loan conversion with a local bank for current bonds. Motion was made to direct the clerk to fill out the application to receive a formal quote and savings to determine if we want to move forward. Motion was made to have the clerk fill out application and move forward.

SEMLM Legislative Policies Draft for Review and Voting. After review it was voted to not support this. Mayor Keegan asked for a motion if in favor – none, all opposed.

Goodhue County Request for Sealcoating Needs for 2014 – last year there was no immediate needs when it was evaluated. Mayor Keegan asked if we should we participate – all motioned no.

Rich Majerus requested a dance permit for May 10th need a permit for A.I.R Bikers. A motion to grant one was made by Kim Gilsdorf, Jason Nurnberg 2nd the motion. All approved. Motion carried.

Snowplowing – 2nd street has issues with drifting. It has been reported to Thomford when issues arise. Late plowing causes safety issues. We will re-evaluate plowing needs at end of season.

Clerk Report – all year end requirements were met, paid and filed. Will meet with both counties in February on election and permit processes. Bank statements for all of 2013 were balanced. Council would like to see breakdown the allocation of money in all funds for next meeting.

Treasurer Report – water bill issues were already discussed.

Water/Wastewater/Facility Report – Dan recommended to notify residents to trickle household water until further notice to prevent freezing.

Mayor Concerns:

Council Concerns: Kim was sent a bill from Zumbrota ambulance assessment for $525 – Motion to pay was made by Rich Majerus, and 2nd by Jason Nurnberg. Motion carried.

Motion was made by Jason Nurnberg and 2nd by Kim Gilsdorf to adjourn meeting. Motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:11

Submitted by Lisa Redepenning – City Clerk

Reminder – All future council minutes will be in published in the Messenger starting in April. As soon as our city website is completed, they will also be available there. Further information on the website will become available in the near future. March minutes will be mailed with your 2nd quarter water bills.

Due to continuous extreme cold weather this winter, the frost table is lower than previous years and this is resulting in frozen water service lines in some places. You can help prevent your line from freezing by letting the water run at a pencil size stream from a faucet. Another indicator of an impending water service line freeze up is to check the temperature of your water after running it until it is cold. (Allow your water to run until it is cold and then check the temperature.) The water temperature should be around 45 degrees. If the temperature drops to 40 degrees or below, you may have an impending freeze up and the frost may be getting close to your service line.

Please continue to use these practices until April 1st.

2014 Spring Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting is scheduled for April 14th from 5:00 – 5:30 at the Community Center . The monthly city council meeting will coordinate with this meeting and move to this date for the month of April and will start immediately following.

Reminder – homeowners are responsible for the utilities that are due each month for their properties. This includes any properties that you rent out on a monthly/quarterly/yearly basis. If the rental becomes late, you will be billed and responsible for bringing the property utility bill up to date.