December 2015, City Council Minutes

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Bellechester City Council

December 9, 2015

Meeting was called to order by Mayor Keegan Quinn at 6:30 p.m.

Pledge to the flag.

Roll call was taken: The council in attendance: Mayor Keegan Quinn, Council people, Kim Gilsdorf, Paul Reding, Jason Nurnberg, and Rich Majerus as well as clerk Lisa Redepenning and Dan Howard. Absent Kyle McKeown. Also present Hannah Rybak, Mike Creelman, Chris Hedin, Phillip Haugen & Mike Anderson from Mankato State.

Minutes of November, 2015 meeting were approved as written and a motion was made by Kim Gilsdorf with a second by Jason Nurnberg to approve the minutes as written. Motion carried.

Bills were reviewed and a motion by Rich Majerus with a second by Paul Reding to approve and pay the bills as presented. Motion carried.

Public Forum – Comprehensive Plan discussion – MSU Students presented the final comprehensive plan that they worked on for us.

Draft Comp Plan Resolution 2015.3 – review, discuss & approve. Motion was made by Jason Nurnberg to approve the comprehensive as presented with a 2nd by Kim Gilsdorf. Motion carried.

Abandoned Home & Ordinance violations – followup There has been some movement on the abandoned property and a sale has occurred. Improvements have been made on the properties that letters were sent to.

Dog Bite Ordinance – Discuss – Keegan distributed information on what he received on identifying the act of the dog versus singling out a certain breed. Further discussion will occur next month.

All Hazard Mitigation Plan – Update. Keegan received suggestions from council and submitted 5 scenarios for possible hazard situations that could occur in Bellechester. Hazards identified are: (get from Keegan). The purpose of the All Hazard Mitigation Plan is to determine how to reduce or eliminate the loss of life and property damage resulting from natural, technological, and human-caused hazards.

New business:

2016 Budget Transfers – Discuss and Approve – Motion was made by Kim Gilsdorf to transfer $5000 to Park Fund and $10,000 to Street Fund to cover 2016 expenses with a 2nd by Rich Majerus. Motion carried.

General Fund Transfer to Savings Motion was made by Rich Majerus to approve the savings transfer of $10,000 with a 2nd by Jason Nurnberg. Motion carried.

Snow Removal Request – St. Mary’s Church – the best will be done to clear the snow in front of the fence, but we will not go onto private property to clear.

2016 Agreement for State Building Code Administration – Review, discuss and approve. Motion was made by Kim Gilsdorf to approve the agreement as presented with a 2nd by Paul Reding. Motion carried.

Clerk Report – Quarterly billing will be sent this month; Property Taxes – Goodhue County – on 12/1 deposited $13,690.64; Microloan Payment – will be occurring on 1/1/16 for $11,365.00; Draft Comp Plan – there is an additional document attached. The survey results were taken out of the plan entirely. The “Public Input” sections only talk about the public involvement meeting and interactions with the Council. They are attaching the plain results- no graphs or charts, just the results verbatim, as an appendix at the end. It also says “11 Total Responses” right at the top, so that it is clear that it is not a statistically accurate representation; FYI – Comp Plan Costs – $15,000 – amount that City of Fisher – Pop. 435 is going to be paying for their plan that is currently being completed for them. Our cost – $1933.15. Mileage is the bulk of the costs with printing and open house materials being approximately $120; Budget Transfers – 2016 budget transfers of $10,000 to Street Fund, $2000 to Park Fund and $10,000 to savings. This will take the General Fund from $96,759.12 to $74,759.90, Street Fund from $22,812.52 to $32,812.52 and Park Fund from $2,384.22 to $4384.22. Our savings account will go from $31,526.25 to $41,526.25. These were the same transfers that were recommended and made last year for 2015.

Treasurer Report – shut off letters will be sent

Water/Wastewater/Facility Report – Waiting for Thein Well to come and do our needed well work. Cameraing work identified a problem area in town with debris and roots. Dan distributed a proposal to fix the issues they found at a cost of $3000. Motion was made by Rich Majerus to approve the cost to fix these issues as identified by Empire with a 2nd by Kim Gilsdorf. Motion carried.

Council Concerns: Rich inquired about the attorney bill and knowing what we are paying for and council discussed looking at raising the liquor license fees to reflect the increase in DWI fees that we are occurring.

Mayor Concerns: None

Motion was made by Jason Nurnberg with a second by Kim Gilsdorf to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.

Submitted by Lisa Redepenning – City Clerk


Reminder – Street Parking Ordinance #27 is in effect – No Motor vehicle shall be left parked on any street(s) in the city from Nov. 1-April 1 for the hours of 2am until 6am with snow fall of more than 2”.

Recycling – Please recycle whenever you can. There is a recycling bin located on the north end of town by GB Feed and Supply. By recycling, this will keep our garbage rates from rising.

Board of Equalization Meeting – will be held Tuesday, April 12th from 5:00 – 5:30. The April monthly city council meeting will be moved to this date, following the Board of Equalization meeting @ 6:00.