Bellechester City Council – Meeting Minutes February 11, 2019

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Bellechester City Council – Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2019


Meeting was called to order by Acting Mayor Rich Majerus at 6:30 p.m.

Pledge to the flag.

Roll call was taken:  The council in attendance:  Acting Mayor Rich Majerus, Council people Doug Majerus, Mark Gerken, and Brian Ringeisen as well as Clerk Sara Betcher and Kyle McKeown.  Mayor Greg Majerus was absent.

Minutes of January 2019 meeting were approved with motion was made by Mark Gerken with a second by Doug Majerus to approve the minutes.  Motion carried.


Bills were reviewed and a motion by Brian Ringeisen with a second by Mark Gerken to approve and pay the bills as presented.  Motion carried.

New business:

  • Board of Equalization and Appeal. Goodhue and Wabasha are set for April 16th @ 5:30pm at the Bellechester Community Center and normal meeting at 6:30pm.
  • SWG account – several address changes will be updated.
  • SWG account – possibility of flat rate. We will bring this back up at our March meeting.
  • Bank Loan – amount to place in reserve. We will have the amount to place in Reserve at our March meeting.

Clerk Report

  • Finished up end of year reporting.

Water/Wastewater/Facility Report

  • One chorine line is shot at the south well. Parts are here and it is getting repaired.
  • Will look at checking some sewer lines again this year for tree roots.
  • Possible new sensor needed at North pump house and South well house meter sent out.

Council Concerns:

Mark Gerken– Past storms have taken down trees in the city area. Goodhue County Soil and Water is currently having their annual tree sale. This is a great opportunity for those that would like to replace some trees or just to go ahead and add some trees on their property. Small trees are available through Goodhue County Soil and Water Conservation District – 104 East 3rd Ave, P.O. BOX 335, Goodhue, (651) 923-5300 or visit their website for an order form


Motion was made by Doug Majerus with a second by Mark Gerken to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:24 pm.


Submitted by Sara Betcher – City Clerk


Meetings are the 2nd Monday of the month.

Reminder – Street Parking Ordinance #27 is in effect – No Motor vehicle shall be left parked on any street(s) in the city from Nov. 1-April 1 for the hours of 2am until 6am with snow fall of more than 2”.

Recycling – Please recycle whenever you can. There is a recycling bin located on the north end of town by GB Feed and Supply.  By recycling, this will keep our garbage rates from rising.