Bellechester City Council – Meeting Minutes June, 2019

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Bellechester City Council Meeting Minutes

June 10, 2019 @ 6:30PM


Meeting was called to order by Mayor Greg Majerus at 6:26 p.m.

Pledge to the flag.

Roll call was taken:  The council in attendance:  Mayor Greg Majerus, Council people Doug Majerus, Rich Majerus, Mark Gerken and Brian Ringeisen as well as Lisa Redepenning and Kyle McKeown.  Goodhue County Deputy Robert Troolin, Jody & Brian Gordon from Tavern also were present.

Minutes of May 2019 meeting were approved with motion was made by Rich Majerus with a second by Doug Majerus to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried.

Bills were reviewed and a motion by Brian Ringeisen with a second by Rich Majerus to approve and pay the bills as presented.  Motion carried.

Old Business:

Old Bar – it’s owned by the state, waiting for transfer to County.  $10,000 – $15,000 to tear down and dispose of it.  Tabled the discussion until next month.  The lot cannot be built on.  The building is unlivable as is.

New business:

Building permit – Majerus Garage/FabTec for addition to the north side of building.  Wood and tin construction, comment flooring.  Motion was made by Brian Ringeisen with a 2nd by Doug  Majerus to approve the building permit as presented.  Motion carried.

Liquor Licenses – Will be mailing tomorrow, as insurance information was received tonight for Tavern.  There was issues last month, posted on social media.  If there are future issues, license can be pulled.  Consider putting on probation. There was road damage done on street in front of Tavern.  There was posted no burnout.  $4,000 – $6,000 damage to the street was done.  Estimate received indicates 2 days, 2 men, $2000/day to fix.  Other estimate was the same, unless re-milling of the street was needed.  Then it will be $30,000.  Tavern indicated they would offer to defer part of the costs.  Can we go back to the people who did it and have them pay?  The Deputy discussed what could be done to people who did this.  Sherriff’s office was not called when incident happened.  It was discussed to put the Tavern on probation.  They apologized and said they would pay for the damages.

Motion was made by Mark Gerken with a 2nd by Brian Ringeisen to accept payment from the Tavern for repairs of the street.  They will be on probation until repairs are done.  If infractions occur during probation, it’s a 3 day license loss.  Infractions include underage drinking and serving after hours.  Future modifications to this can be reviewed at any time.  Motion carried.  Rich will call tomorrow to get repairs started and get an estimate on timeframe of completion. 

Clerk Report – Books are balance and working on getting General, Water and Sewer funds corrected.

 Treasurer Report – Utility late bills need finance charges and fees to be set.  Clerk will check on finance charges at the state level and what is allowed.  Fee schedule will be brought up at next meeting.  NSFs fees will be addressed too.

Water/Wastewater/Facility Report – Discharging continues.  Fence needs barbed wire to be completed.

Mayor Concerns:  Houses for sale.  Check-in with closing companies in area and setup communication with the city on any houses for sale.  Has community service work been done.  Some work has been done.

Council Concerns:    Rich will mow down by the pond.  Rich also inquired about camering.  No information as of yet on that.  307 1st St house is going back to bank.

Motion was made by Rich Majerus with a second by Mark Gerken to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:07 pm. Next meeting July 8, 2019.

Submitted by Lisa Redepenning – City Clerk


Ball Fields – there is no fee for use of the ball fields.  It is first come, first served.  If you wish to use for Leagues, please contact the city so we can post.  Please refrain from recreational use of field space.

Burn Pile – Burn pile is for brush and leaves only.  We can get fined for all other items left here.

Recycling – Please recycle whenever you can. There is a recycling bin located on the north end of town by GB Feed and Supply.  By recycling, this will keep our garbage rates from rising.

Council meets the 2nd Monday of the month @ 6:30pm at the Bellechester Community Center.