Bellechester City Council – Meeting Minutes October, 2019

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Bellechester City Council Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2019 @ 6:30PM


Meeting was called to order by Mayor Greg Majerus at 6:30 p.m.

Pledge to the flag.

Roll call was taken:  The council in attendance:  Mayor Greg Majerus, Council people Doug Majerus, Rich Majerus, Mark Gerken and Brian Ringeisen as well as Lisa Redepenning and Kyle McKeown.

Minutes of September 2019 meeting were approved with motion was made by Brian Ringeisen with a second Rich Majerus by to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried.


Bills were reviewed and a motion by Rich Majerus with a second by Mark Gerken to approve and pay the bills as presented.  Motion carried.

Public Hearing – 2020 Final Levy/Budget – Public Input.  With no public comments, final levy was approved to accept the preliminary levy as final.  Motion by Rich Majerus with 2nd by Doug Majerus to approve and accept the preliminary levy as final.  Motion carried.



Old Business:


  • 2020 Budget and Final Levy Certification – approval. See Public Hearing above.
  • Floodplain Ordinance – review, discussion. The ordinance they suggest would cover us for a lot of other items in the city.  This would cover fences also.
  • Review Conflict of Interest Policy – review, discuss – Motion was made by Rich Majerus with 2nd by Brian Ringeisen to accept the conflict of interest policy as presented.
  • Update on Grant – Portable unit was discussed, but it brings on more regulations if it’s portable. USDA wants it to be portable.  Rural water will give us $10,000 to reduce our costs of the 75% grant will give us.  We originally discussed a stationary generator.  More discussion with USDA will be done.
  • Update on street repairs – street repair is done. Bill will be forth coming and will be forwarded.
  • Nuvera Franchise Renewal – discuss, approve. Motion was made by Brian Ringeisen with a 2nd by Rich Majerus to approve the Nuvera franchise agreement as presented.  Motion carried.
  • Above Ground Pool Ordinance – will discuss in November.



New business:


  • Special Assessment certification to county – discuss to add K. Poncelet – $500 for Special Assessment. Will revise the list prior to sending to county.  Tabled until November.
  • Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF) – Update to citizens. Will include in December utility mailing.
  • Resolution Designating Annual Polling Place – Motion was made by Brian Ringeisen with 2nd by Doug Majerus to designation Goodhue County and Wabasha County voting places as presented. Motion carried.
  • Resident concern – grass clippings on streets – residents were not present. Can look into this into the future,
  • Goodhue Housing program – discuss participation. There will be a fee to participate.  Motion was made by Mark Gerken with a 2nd by Rich Majerus to not participate in this housing program.  Motion carried.
  • Building Permit – G. Majerus – Window Replacement. Motion was made by Rich Majerus with a 2nd by Mark Gerken to approve building permit as presented.  Motion carried.


Clerk Report – Census information was discussed.  See notes below.


Treasurer Report –  Past dues were discussed.


Water/Wastewater/Facility Report – will need to discharge at least 1 more time, maybe twice.   More rodents at pond.  Kyle showed the recent damage.  Power outage affected the north well and has been fixed.  Hydrant flushing will occur on November 9.


Mayor Concerns:  Hunters supper will be November 8th and 22nd.  Help is always appreciated, please call Ellen Huneke or Greg Majerus 651-764-0231 (Ellen) or 651-764 9195 (Greg)  All proceeds go towards the upkeep and maintenance of the Community Center.


Council Concerns:    Snow plowing will be done by Matt Kehren again this year.  Motion was made by Rich Majerus with a 2nd by Doug Majerus to Matt Kehren for 2019- 2020 snowplowing business.  Approval was made for Doug to haul aluminum cans to Poncelet.


Motion was made by Brian Ringeisen with a second by Rich Majerus to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:04 pm. Next meeting is November 11, 2019.


Submitted by Lisa Redepenning – City Clerk


2020 Census – Census information is completely separate from the government information and that responses are protected by the constitution and will never be shared.  Programs and funding that Bellechester residents can utilize are directly affected by these numbers, but we need to have correct population information when the money and decisions are made.  It is important to answer these 10 questions are that will be receive on or about April 1


Fee Change for Utility Bills – Shut off fee was eliminated with a single reconnect fee of $100, a 10% interest fee after 90 days and returned check fee of $25.


Burn Pile – Please remember that burn pile is for brush and leaves only.  We can get fined for all other items left here.


Council meets the 2nd Monday of the month @ 6:30pm at the Bellechester Community Center.