Bellechester City Council – Meeting Minutes February, 2020

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Bellechester City Council Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2020 @ 6:30PM


Meeting was called to order by Mayor Greg Majerus at 6:32 p.m.

Pledge to the flag.

Roll call was taken:  The council in attendance:  Mayor Greg Majerus, Council people Doug Majerus, Rich Majerus, Mark Gerken and Brian Ringeisen as well as Lisa Redepenning and Kyle McKeown were also present.

Minutes of January, 2020 meeting were approved motion was made by Brian Ringeisen with a second Rich Majerus to approve the minutes.  Motion carried.


Bills were reviewed and a motion by Rich Majerus with a second by Doug Majerus to approve and pay the bills as presented.  Motion carried.


Old Business:

  • Above Ground Pool Ordinance – review/discuss/deny/approve. Per the County, you need a permit for a pool, but they have no depth requirements.  Motion was made by Brian Ringeisen with second by Rich Majerus to table pool ordinance.  Motion carried.
  • Update on Grants – review information/discuss. Rich has not been to Faribault to discuss the USDA the grant we have started.  It will not be for another few weeks.  We still need to discuss with them if we can purchase a stationary generator versus a portable.


New business:

  • City Attorney vs County Attorney retainer – review and discuss. Need to verify if the County will cover ordinance issues.  They will cover criminal cases, but will DUI’s be included in this.  Will verify with County.
  • City Engineer – review and discuss. We will continue with Matt Mohs with Bolton & Menk as approved in January with appointments.
  • Greater Minnesota Business Development Public Infrastructure Grant Program (BDPI). Rich discussed with Matt Mohs at Bolton & Menk for possible future expansion of Fabtech and possibilities for the city.  Council received the information that he provided.
  • LP storage tank – Fabtech needs to bring in a large LP storage tank. The LP company can do a 30,000 gallon tank across the street from Fabtech, which is commercial property.  Rich will confirm the depth they would go under the street.  Boring would be done under the street to connect.  The tank will be 10’ wide.  Mark brought up snow storage and it will need to be redirected in the future if this will be placed there.  Fabtech would need to get a permit and will have that space surveyed.  The LP company indicated that there would need to be a light replaced as a result of this tank coming in.  The tank needs to be 50’ away from buildings.  Fabtech should be getting all information to us when they submit a permit for this project.
  • Mark Beachy – inquired about what is needed to run a hobby business out of his garage and if this allowed. The council is open to discussion and will have him come to the next meeting to answer questions and provide additional information.



Clerk Report – Street Repair Bill – FYI – As if today (Thursday), it has not been received.  Update on Flood Plain Ordinance – Final step is posting summary of the ordinance in paper and sending verification of posting along with application.  I should be able to do this in the next few weeks (we need to get the bill from the paper to do so).  Sealcoating Inclusion with County – I emailed our intent to be included with on this to the county on January 29th.  Upcoming Elections – FYI – there will be 3 seats expiring in 2020 and up for election:  Brian, Doug and Greg.  2019 Books – Everything is complete and has been submitted to State Auditor.


Treasurer Report – Water bills were reviewed for accuracy and corrections were made.


Water/Wastewater/Facility Report – More chorine needs to be ordered.  There is a discrepancy in the water metering.  There is an issue with extra water in ponds at this time of year.  We will plan on getting this looked into this summer.  Kyle will ask about getting some dye to do this testing.


Mayor Concerns:  Greg received flood plain information.  We are now officially part of the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).


Council Concerns:  Rich received an estimate of $30,000 – $40,000 range for sealcoating everything.  We can see what they will charge per yard and select streets at that point as well as the entire city cost.   Council discussed places that need to be priority.  Rich will ask for a price per square yard to cover the places that council discussed and will get it for us.


Mark was contacted regarding snow removal on the north side of the street of the trailer court.  It appears to be a 4’ space not being plowed.  Mark also questioned the plowing of the truck fill at the pump house.  Dan Poncelet water bills was discussed.  3 properties in questioned are fixed.


Motion was made by Rich Majerus with a second by Doug Majerus to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:53 pm. Next meeting is March 9, 2020.


Submitted by Lisa Redepenning – City Clerk



  • 2020 Census – Census information is completely separate from the government information and that responses are protected by the constitution and will never be shared. Programs and funding that Bellechester residents can utilize are directly affected by these numbers, but we need to have correct population information when the money and decisions are made.  It is important to answer these 10 questions are that will be receive on or about April 1
  • Fee Change for Utility Bills – Shut off fee was eliminated with a single reconnect fee of $100, aa 10% interest fee after 90 days and returned check fee of $25.
  • Burn Pile – Please remember that burn pile is for brush and leaves only. We can get fined for all other items left here.
  • Recycling – Please recycle whenever you can. There is a recycling bin located on the north end of town by GB Feed and Supply. By recycling, this will keep our garbage rates from rising.


  • Board of Equalization Meeting – will be April 16th @ 5:00 at the Bellechester Community Center.  Our April council meeting will be moved to that date and occur after the BOE meeting.


Council meets the 2nd Monday of the month @ 6:30pm at the Bellechester Community Center.