Ordinance No. 8 – Joint Powers-Fire Association 1976

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An ordinance to jointly provide fire apparatus with the neighboring towns.

The city council of Bellechester, Minnesota, ordains the city of Bellechester shall enter into the attached agreement.

The Cities of Goodhue and Bellechester, Town of Belvidere, Belle Creek, Chester, Hay Creek, Featherstone, Vasa, Zumbrota, and Goodhue agree to jointly provide and maintain firefighting apparatus for the protection of the several communities.

Said municipalities agree that in the exercise of their power to protect their communities from fire, there shall be established an Association in the attached memorandum.

The powers of such Association are set out in the By-Laws of such Association in the attached memorandum.

This agreement shall be and continue in effect until such agreement is rescinded by the town or city which is a member hereof. If a member to this agreement rescinds its participation, all apparatus and equipment, money, supplies, etc. shall remain and be the property of the remaining members. Upon termination of this agreement by all parties, the assets of the Association shall be equally divided among the municipalities.

This agreement shall run for ten (10) years, and may be extended at the option of the several municipalities.

Passed the City Council of Bellechester, Minnesota this 14th day of October 1976

Attest: Barbara Heppelmann, Clerk Quentin J. Majerus, Mayor