Ordinance No. 21 – New Water Ordinance 1996

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An ordinance adopting the state building code; providing for its administration and enforcement, regulating the erection, construction, enlargement, alteration, repair, removal, demolition, conversion, occupancy, equipment, use, height, area, and maintenance of all buildings and/or structures in the city of Bellechester; providing for the issuance of permits and collection of fees therefore; providing penalties for the violation thereof; repealing/amending all other ordinances and parts of ordinances in conflict therewith.

The City Council of the City of Bellechester do ordain as follows:

SECTION 1. Building Code.

The Minnesota State Building Code, established pursuant to MN Statutes 16B.59 to 16B.75, one copy of which is on file in the office of the County Auditor. Such code is hereby incorporated in the ordinance as completely as if set out in full.

  1. Administration Required.
    The following chapters of the code must be administered by the City of Bellechester.

    1. Chapter 1300 – Code Administration
    2. Chapter 1301 – Certification and Continuing Education of Building Officials.
    3. Chapter 1302 – Building Construction and State Agency Construction Rules.
    4. Chapter 1305 – Adoption of 1988 Uniform Building Code by Reference. The 1987 ANSI A17.1 Code for Elevators and Related Devices is an amendment to Chapter 51 of the UBC and no longer found in SBC Rule 1320. Required provisions – UBC Appendix Chapter 35 Sound Transmission Control.
    5. Chapter 1315 – Electrical Code.
    6. Chapter 1325 – Solar Energy Systems.
    7. Chapter 1330 – Technical Requirements for Fallout Shelters.
    8. Chapter 1335 – Flood proofing Regulations.
    9. Chapter 1340 – Facilities for the Handicapped.
    10. Chapter 1346 – Minnesota Uniform Mechanical Code 1990 Edition.
    11. Chapter 1350 – Manufactured Home Rules.
    12. Chapter 1355 – Plumbing Code – Administrative Rule 4715.
    13. Chapter 1360 – Prefabricated Structures.
    14. Chapter 1365 – Variation of Snow Load
    15. Chapter 1370 – Model Energy Code – Administrative Rule 7670. Page 67

SECTION 2. Organization and Enforcement.

The Organization of the Building Department and enforcement of the Code shall be as established by Chapter 2 of the Uniform Building Code 1988 edition. The Code shall be enforced within the incorporated limits of the City.

The Building Inspection Department shall be the Building Code Department of the County. The Administrative Authority shall be a State Certified “Building Official”.

The Appointing Authority shall designate the Building Official for the jurisdiction of the City of Bellechester.


  1. Permits, Inspections, and Fees.
    Permits, inspections, and collection of fees shall be provided in Chapter 3 of the Uniform Building Code, 1988 Edition except as amended by Rule 1305.0800. The method of establishing permit fees and the amounts of the permit fees for activities encompassed by the Code is a local option. Local fee schedules should include fees for the installation of prefabricated structures and manufactured homes. The schedule for all building permits shall be set by resolution of the City of Bellechester.
  2. Surcharge
    In addition to the permit fee required by Item ‘A’ above, the applicant shall pay a surcharge to be remitted to the Minnesota Department of Administration as prescribed by Minnesota Statutes 1984, Section 16B.70

SECTION 4. Violations and Penalties.

(The penalty described in the Uniform Building Code, 1988 Edition, Section 205 as amended shall be in keeping with Minnesota Statutes 609.033 to 609.34 which provides for a maximum fine of $700.00.)

SECTION 5. Effective Date of Ordinance

The effective date of this Ordinance is January 1, 1984.

ATTEST: Barbara Heppelmann, Clerk Quentin J. Majerus, Mayor

Published in the New/Record Wednesday, August 10, 1994.