Chicken Registration

  1. 6 Chickens per household
  2. Hens only
  3. Cooped at night
  4. Fenced in area
  5. 80% of neighbors within 150 feet must agree to this
  6. Permit must be approved yearly and pay a fee of $1 per chicken to the city of Bellechester
  7. No person shall permit feces, urine, or food to remain on their property for a period that is no longer than reasonable and consistent with health and sanitation and the prevention of odors.

Read more: Ordinance No. 31

  • Number of Chickens

  • Remittal

    Submit this form then send/drop off a check for $1/per chicken to: City of Bellechester, 299 Great Western Avenue, Bellechester, MN 55027 Please reference ONLINE FORM on the memo line.

By signing this form, I agree to the requirements as listed above. Failure to comply with the requirements of this permit or Ordinance #31 of the Bellechester City Code may be cause for revocation. Written notice will be mailed to the applicant. The applicant will have the right to appeal the revocation to the City Council.