June 2014, City Council Minutes

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Bellechester City Council

June 11, 2014

Meeting was called to order by Mayor Keegan Quinn at 6:30 p.m.

Pledge to the flag.

Roll call was taken: The council in attendance: Mayor Keegan Quinn, Council people, Paul Reding, Kim Gilsdorf, Richard Majerus also Clerk Lisa Redepenning, Treasurer Kyle McKeown and Dan Howard. Council absent – Jason Nurnberg. Jim Fritz, Kevin Majerus and Jordan Erickson Jody Gordon were also present.

Minutes of May, 2014 meeting were approved as written – a motion by Kim Gilsdorf and 2nd by Paul Reding to approve the minutes as written. Motion carried.

Bills were reviewed and a motion by Rich Majerus and 2nd by Paul Reding to approve and pay the bills as presented. Motion carried.

Public Forum – Jody Gordon wants to re-rock, landscape and put up a fence. How is property line is determined. Rich indicated he believes that its 3 foot on the south side of house and if fence is less than 6 feet, no permit is needed. It was recommended to get a survey prior to work.

Old Business:

New business:

Possible sale of Legion Building & liquor license renewal – Review & Discuss. Keegan had a meeting scheduled with Gorman, but it had to be rescheduled. Flom would cover the building, but Legion will keep their current other coverage. If Gorman indicates there would be no issue, council didn’t think they saw any issues. $1100 savings to the Legion just on building replacement cost alone going with the city’s insurance quote that was received. City would be added on their policy. Keegan will meet with Gorman and we will discuss further next month, as well as ask about closing costs he would charge. List of concerns will be drawn up by both parties by July meeting. Kim Gilsdorf motioned to approve their liquor license with a 2nd by Rich Majerus. Motion Carried.

Jody Gordon – dance permit and liquor license renewal. Dance permit is for June 21st. Motion was made by Kim Gilsdorf to approve the dance permit with a 2nd by Rich Majerus. Motion Carried. Motion was made by Rich Majerus to approve the liquor license renewal with a 2nd from Kim Gilsdorf. Motion Carried.

Waste Hauler pricing – Review, Discuss & Decision. Gibson Sanitation has had the same price since 2010 even though fuel charges have increased, with fluctuation in tonnage charges and has been hauling with the city since 2006. Jordan Erickson’s bill is a bit lower, but Paul indicated that we have had no issues with Gibson. Council asked both parties to provide any further last minute benefits for choosing either of the services. Jordan Erickson is 5 miles away and local and can pickup on Mondays and if a holiday, they can do it on a holiday, but usually the day after. He currently has 50 customers and Goodhue County Fair. Erickson’s price is $773/month plus tonnage Gibson is $890.75 plus tonnage – making a difference of $117 and $1407 savings per year. Rich Majerus made a motion to accept Jordan Erickson’s price based on less money with a 2nd by Paul Reding. Rich Majerus & Paul Reding were in favor; Kim Gilsdorf was opposed. Motion Carried. Jordan Erickson was awarded the garbage hauler service for the city and will be starting July 1st – Gibson will stay thru the end of June.

Utility Rate Review – Garbage is now reduced, so that savings can be moved to water and sewer if needed. Garbage will be reduced $9.75 to $8.50 and water sewer rates will be increased by $2.00. Due to the savings that was just achieved with garbage household pickup service, residents will only see a $.75 increase/month on your utility bill. $2.00 will go to the sewer fund. Due to our aging sewer system, we are seeing an increase in maintenance costs. Motion was made by Kim Gilsdorf to increase the sewer rates by .75 increase with a second by Paul Reding. Motion Carried.

MN State Demographic Center Population Report – Review, Discuss & Approve. Motion was made by Kim Gilsdorf that these numbers are as accurate as we can be with a 2nd by Paul Reding. Motion carried.

Staff Reviews – moved to end of meeting.

Clerk Report – Xcel Energy – no bill this month.

Purchase of Legion building – insurance costs will be an additional $334.00 a year if we insure the building for $200,000.

Garbage removal service price information – None received from Gibson Sanitation or Jordan Erickson.

Snow plow request for price – notices put on channel 8, end of minutes in Goodhue Messenger, city website & News Record.

Quarterly Utility Coupons – 3rd quarter coupons will go out later this month along with an ACH form, Consumer Water Confidence Report, Mailing Balloting Notice & Dog License renewal and update notices.

Dog License Renewal/Update/Registration Form – is included for review. This will go out in utility coupon mailing.

Treasurer Report – 4 late payments letters were sent this week, balances are less than last month.

Water/Wastewater/Facility Report – discharge is complete until September. Transfer of water will be done – 4 spots need to be fixed and will be scheduled to be fixed. Leak in south pump house and is going to be repaired. $225/hour for jetting for all areas we need to address now. Mowing is going good, but the tractor may need to be replaced for next year as it has over 1000 hours on it. It was recommended to keep repairing the deck.

Mayor Concerns: None

Council Concerns: Paul indicated he like the payroll report change reflecting the hours and names of employees.

Meeting was closed at 7:53 for staff reviews.

Meeting was opened at 8:22. Official start date for both Treasurer and Clerk was November 20, 2013. Salary for Treasurer and Clerk is $15.00/hour. Pay increase of $1.00 was suggested for clerk job and a motion was made by Paul Reding to approve the pay raise of $1.00/hour for clerk with a 2nd made by Rich Majerus. Motion Carried.

Motion was made by Kim to adjourn the meeting with a 2nd by Paul Reding. Motion carried. Meeting was adjourned at 8:22.

Submitted by Lisa Redepenning – City Clerk